Learning Adventures In Love and Revolution

by Plaedo

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Debut Album from Hip Hop Story Telling Philosopher of Play, Plaedo. "Learning Adventures In Love and Revolution" is a concept album where each song chronicle's a stage in his hero's journey. A coming of age tale in a transitional time.

Influenced by: KRS-One, Saul Williams, Bob Dylan, Joseph Campbell, Cornell West, Brother Ali, Immortal Technique, Rakim, Rage Against The Machine


released November 18, 2013

production by: Matt Quijote Music, N3Beats, Antonio Sera, Patrick Harris, Brain Cancer, and Mes One.
Mixed and Mastered by: John Phillip Buzis




Plaedo Eugene, Oregon

Plaedo is a story telling hip hop philosopher of play. Plaedo is a true M.C.- A Master of Ceremonies who Moves Communities with a Message to Communicate. Plaedo can Plaedo has been spotted at poetry slams, coffee shops, festivals, schools, protests and street corners performing, spreading peace, love, joy, and wisdom with his brand of performance art he has labeled "Tribal Hop Raptivism" ... more

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Track Name: My Morning Mantra
This story starts
in a trailer park
when I heard an alarm
within my heart
it said the world
is falling apart
find the rainbow children
help them rebuild it
I moved out the mountains
the friendly forest
for the city's the slums
where dreams come true
if I struggle through
the concrete jungle
confident and humble
willing to work hard
like an immigrant
so everyday I awake
and I pray for the grace
to embrace climbing over
the boulders the roll into my way
no If I was a sculpture
I would not re-invent the wheel
just to roll that boulder up that hill
my boy Sisyphus knows how I feel
Cuz if that boulder rolls down the other side
I will let it go
I don't even know
where this life or poem is goin
five years from now I might be homeless
or I could be famous
my name and face
carved on the cover of a rolling stone
only time will tell
so I drop my clock in a wishing well
and sing seranade at the midnight bell


Allow me to brake this down
that last verse was zen
this verse is dao
so today is the day when
I learn how
to be patient with my partner
and to play with my daughter and to listen
to my sister
and have compassion for my comrades
so I'll practice the math
of the 8-fold path
I'll pick up trash
of the street
and I'll share some food for the homeless to eat
since life is a treat
sometimes bitter
and sometimes sweet
my shalah, que sera sera, akunamatata


Dear Sacred Sadness
I know you like to happen
on random circumstances
but today I feel like dancing
being romantic, taking chances
on my way to work
I walk past abandoned
buildings where these poor children play
I'm gonna make the world a better place
so I'll rock the planet if that's what it takes
to make me shake and awaken your complacent
consciousness, because I got the confidence
to accomplish this
conscious bliss
so I take the risk
to live my myth
follow my bliss
and free my chi
so the beauty I see
is the beauty in me
this beauty is true
because this beauty is you
Track Name: Rites of Passage
I remember as a young child
I used to get paid my allowance money
to water our crops of marijuana
I remember lots of ganja
I remember we used to live way out in the woods
and I used to play with a pack of wolves
I remember singing John Lennon songs in our kitchen
like we were living an outlaw fairytale
well, our story didn't end happily ever after
first it needed more chapters
I come home one day
and I see red
my dad dead on the floor, he was killed
than my mom became mentally ill
I was adopted than unwanted by my stepdad
I was kidnapped, taken back than abandoned at
the trailer shack of my grandmamma who was addicted to drama
we was dirt poor, perpetually searching for,
hope a home and happiness
who disappointment became anger pointed at me y'all
I've been called it all from dumb to ugly
still I love my family and I know they love me
A survived my childhood I must be lucky
but I am not alone
many of you who hear my poem
and many many more who
have lived lives, harder than mine
we are the the lost children
I'm just one of millions
yeah we've walked down those
unknown roads, with bumps, dead ends and potholes
so their are scares on our souls
and if we allow ourselves to heal they can glow
like rainbows after a storm
please listen to me
we must dance with our demons
if we want to start dreaming a future
because I remember screaming from seeing
my mom beaten her blood bleeding
splashed a graffiti mask on my face
I remember how my mom's blood taste
I was 8
I love my fate
so I ask you to remember
when you were teased in the 8th grade
remember when you lived where it wasn't safe to play
remember the sound of escape
when you'd scrape your plate
hungry since all you ate
was a can of chili split 3 ways
remember all that liquer your dad would drink
his face of rage, his fist of hate
remember those beatings you'd take
remember when your parents seperated
remember when your mom died of aids
remember when you were raped
we are the children whose memories paint
pictures of pain
I refrain, cuz we are the children
who will brake those chains
and learn from our parents mistakes
and love our parents
and love each other
but most importantly we will love ourselves
since the heart is a muscle that loves to struggle
the wisdom we've earned
the lessons we've learned
we graduated from the school of hard knocks
and in turn
we talk teach play preach to each
child that we can reach
because only when it's dark
do we get to see the stars
and only when it's dark
does a new day start
so when your life seems dark
just put some light and love
in your heart.
Track Name: Train The Brain
I Train My Brain, Maintain my brain
All day, Everyday,
Positive Philosophy,
Meditating, Creating
A zen state of Mind
It a fun game to play

I train my brain, and I maintain my brain
to be livin in the rhythm
simple isn't easy
It's like watch me beatbox
I go bump checka bop
ba bomp checka bop

I'm groovin, doin it,
I hope I don't ruin it,
although I know my flow needs improvement
I now feel like I'm loosin it,
and I forgot to take a breath it's lost
I'm stupid

Nah, bad thought,
move on, to a new thought,
I train my brain and I maintain my brain
to be livin in the
Track Name: The City Is Sick
Water is the source of life
and in the city water
they place fluoride
fluoride is poison
it calcifies your 3rd eye
leaves you spiritually blind
believing the lies
they sing on the news
where they sell you that fear
year after year
shed tear after tear
of holy water offered to angels
with broken halo's
bent over smoking those ciggarettes
they give you fast food
that makes you sick
take away your rights but you don't notice it
a street full of people
on their cell phones
looking at facebook
but they all feel alone
go to school
learn all the rules
come home wondering
what you gonna do
and will their be a place
for your kids to live
no maybe your making
minimum wage
and your college loans
remain unpaid
you don't like to think
you'd rather drink
distracted, numb,
dumb and afraid,
is how the road to fascism's paved
by the time you know
debt enslaved
feel the rage
with a little to lose
chose to behave
just another day
as the climate changes
water level's rising
storm on the horizon
it is getting hotter and hotter
each and every year
and it is getting harder and harder
to find an open space
past the fast food and those big box chains
where they sell you
disposable satisfaction
it is addictive, but not long lasting
you know that plastic, manufactured in china
that makes you feel fine
so ya wanna buy more
more from the store
in a process of consumption that is destroying the planet

so the city is sick
it needs to be healed
the planet is sick
it needs to be healed
and we are sick
we need to heal
it is time to heal.
it is time to heal.
Track Name: Rainbows In Oil Spills
Now I don't wanna go on a death trip
I wanna go on a life journey,
it's a beautiful truth, yet I worry, like my neighbors
yet when someone asks us how were doing in the morning we say fine
but that's sort of a lie, it's more complex,
there is stress, problems, we all got em,
so I'm stomping through the swamplands of the soul
I'm searching for rainbows in oil spills
and I feel afraid, in pain and awake
and I wanna laugh, because why does life have
to be so hard
so I'm asking god, because the predators pain of hunger
was the prays, pain of death, and we all need food
so what you gonna do, chew
money is too important i'm tired of being poor
I got a right to bear arms, i wear my heart on my sleeve
I've marched in the streets, made hand sign for peace
next to protestors beat up by police
I've prayed to a Buddha, made in a sweat shop
I guess we suffer so a sad, song can sound good
so I love the pain, I'm grateful
because after pain comes breakthrough

breakthrough well let me take you
to the belly of the beast
live in the system where daily I ask you this question
do you fight me, run from me, or try to become me

the beast is real, it is a machine
that feeds off souls
it is in high schools, army recruiting
the street corner shooting, over your shoulder
it is those disturbing urges
your empty envy lust and greed
it is your failure, it is your addiction and it is shape shifting
it will make you ignore your children
and with your partner, it is your aggression
when we get too self defensive, burning bridges building fences
you don't need nobody as long as you got money
but what you gonna do when the money's all gone
really makes you think about how you treat your family
and those other people, your neighbors, strangers
when you all hear the warnings
of global warming, political turmoil
the stakes is high, stuck in a traffic jam
was a man with a sign that read

Another day, another dollar
searching for joy, sometimes you find sorrow
so we take a deep breath and pray we get it right tomorrow

Now I don't wanna sing lullabyes at the graveyard
of childhood dreams
they got comfy chairs there tv's with big screens
but the revolution won't be televised
it will be in the lives we live
when we stop giving pain to the ones we love
when we participate in the world we live in
within natures rhythms
we go to work, love our job
come home smiling ready to play
and the kids don't know abut the stress we endure
they only know were only hear for la, la, love
cuz after the last
war has been fought,
none have won
we will see all have lost
I'll cross my roads
stack my stones
draw my line in the sand and just beyond
there is a place
where love is the answer to every question
I will meet you there
the end of the rainbow, the pot of gold
but until then my friend

another day another dollar
searching for joy, sometimes you find sorrow
so we take a deep breath and pray we get it right

now i stay up late and meditate
at twilight i write
so if in the morning you ask me
how am i doing
well i'm late for work
but afterwords we can share the verse
about our loves
mine is my family
about our beliefs
mine is peace
about our dreams
mine is to be a fresh mc
so this right here is the song I sing

another day, another dollar
searching for joy, sometimes ya find sorrow
so we take a deep breath and pray we get it right
Track Name: Global Tribe (It's Time 2 Rise Up)
Now Let Me Tell You Something!
If you are tired of looking for that job that isn't there
I'm talking to you
and if your job
doesn't treat you fair
I'm talking to you
if you don't love yourself
and what you do
I'm talking to you
life is short
how ya wanna live it
I'm talking to you
now come and witness
a bigger picture I'm talking to you
the rich are getting richer, the poor getting poorer,
i'm talking to you
as our tax dollars buy weapons of war,
I'm talking to you
as mother nature is getting abused
I'm talking to you
not trying to kill you buzz
but that's whats up,
I'm talking to you

marketing schemes, written into our minds
commodified lifestyles, consuming our primes
our love sold back to us, our meaning broadcast to us
our bodies react to us, our world, disastrous

So what you wanna do,
how far will you go
I'm talking to you
because if you care
about the world that we share
I'm talking to you
If dare to change,
make this world a better place
I'm talking to you

and me he and she,
we are the ones we've been waiting for
who will revolutionize the way we relate to
businesses, governments, each other, ourselves
the era of passive consumers is over
we are co-creators of culture

And now we inherent, half a race legacy
the systems merit, so now we are
militant lovers, guerilla peace makers
raising givers not takers
we are learning, we are learning
we are learning,
to rise up together

we go to class, study science and math
we will rise up together
we make arts and crafts, out of recycled trash
we will rise up together
we turn suburban lawns into permaculture gardens
we will rise up together
we form businesses, keep each other healthy
we will rise up together
we don't need to be rich, we can redefine wealthy
we will rise up together
and where their where walls we will build ladders,
we will rise up together

we are co-creators of culture

Now if i'm talking, and your talking
and we're listening and having conversations
we can change the world
global tribe, my people, it's time to rise up!
Track Name: The Movement
I've traveled through hell
trying to make it to heaven
so I'm living every minute
like it is game 7
Getting Fresher Under Pressure
So if we're behind
and the clock is running out
pass me the ball and I'll make it now
we're be up again
I won't let you down
believe me, the easiest
you'll ever make will be the
hardest path you'll ever walk
and sometimes the saddest are the kindist
the most damaged are the wisest
and you will need courage
for that moment of crises
this is food for thought, come get your plate
I'm a master chef, master mind, turn mind into matter
bend time backwards, so before I say this
you'll already love it
I'm the white trash ambassador, with a flow like a catheter
now watch me back it up
I'm a master mind like Einstein
is my reletive, my E=MC, I wave peace
so I am squared, blunted
ready for the come up
shout out to the runners

But if you cant run it is time to walk
and if you can't walk it is time to crawl
I've been there ya'll, we gotta keep moving

Years ago, I was an amateur
Now I'm turning pro
and I wont be diminished, by any of the critics
I'm in it to win it
you won't see no sinnin', in the 9th innin'
only discipline and wisdom and vision
I didn't get specific, so you could bear witness
to what you are livin
this minute is infinite
I hope you isn't missin it,
shout out to the movement

But if you cant run it is time to walk
and if you can't walk it is time to crawl
I've been there ya'll, we gotta keep moving

In this game we play
no pain no gain
so you will be disrespected and misdirected,
but you can check this off your checklist
for those of you who use debt as a weapon
no more, no longer, are we half steppin'
our eyes on the prize, we want a better life
for ourselves, our team, our city,
and even Mother Earth for what it's worth
we're pursuing the solutions,
so what is the movement, it is the revolution
as we departed Eden, as we started seeking
the meaning, of dreaming, as a human being,
on the other side of Ommm,
A team arose
playing for keeps, destroying the earth,
with it's poisonous cleats, trying to cheat
this mass consumption was huffing and puffing
til it ran out of air, it ran out of breathe,
and it quite right there, in it's despair
we pushed on, because this isn't a sprint,
this is a marathon,
listen to the chorus of this song

Because if you can't run it is time to walk
and if you can't walk it is time to crawl
I've been there y'all
we gotta keep moving