Empires Die​.​.​.​Life Evolves

by Plaedo

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Mutha-Luva’s Need 2 Know My name is Plaedo I’m always on a fight for a righteous cause Who else but me, will fight the cops And make it personal since my close friend was shot Walk into a mob of proud boys with guns Tell them all to go home Leave my neighborhood alone I’ll take on the mayer, the gangsters and bankers And i’m not a hater of the game I’m simply a player who is doing my thang And i’m doing it major So now you can read about it in the paper Before i set it on fire, get high of the vapors Cuz when life gets crazy, I get crazier And now they label me a hero Yo everyones impressed But what they don’t know Is that my life is a mess, I feel so stressed And I’m ready for my death… So walk in my shows Live my life, see what i’ve seen Be who I be, understand why I don’t wanna live but I’m scared to die And so they remember me For these moments that I acted heroic With a passion to show it, but know that When I was fighting these officers All i was was reliving my trauma I was fighting the monsters Who beat up my mama I was traumatized and ever since It’s been drama live, so i am trying To move on with my life I got two weeks to move again My car won’t start again I got nowhere to go And I don’t know what to do My wife left me, girlfriend did too! So walk in my shows Live my life, see what i’ve seen Be who I be, understand why I don’t wanna live but I’m scared to die And so everyday i try to maintain With this strange pain that pervades Every cell in my body My fucking nerves hurt And everyday at work They give us bandaids To try to save society As my clients sit and cry to me Most of my experience is anxiety So i want to be dying I am now closer to trying I now have a plan And the sleeping pills to fill my hand Next on my list is to slit my wrist And bleed out to death on this troubled floor And I won’t leave a note nope Only this album finally finished....
As the World Round Me Falls Apart I'm trying not to go Crazy Crazy Crazy Yo As the World Round Me Falls Apart I'm trying not to go Crazy Crazy Crazy Yo Welcome 2 Tha Apocalypse Where monsters live in politics they microchip the anonymous as the eye on top the obelisk now watches as big data gets added to the AI Now watch as the machine becomes the master as the death of capitalism gives birth to fascism now people livin’ in tents next to empty buildings out of business still were building prisons crime is on the rise people fight in daylight and at night cries slice through the silence harmonize with sirens in a symphony of violence in these times of civil war another storm is coming it's a drought yet somehow still it's flooding got me wondering if it's all too much As the empire crumbles My only hopes for the future Is coming from us Yet most I know Have PTSD So how are we Goin to talk about empowerment Before the counseling And how are we goin to get our way out of this yo! As the World Round Me Falls Apart I'm trying not to go Crazy Crazy Crazy Yo As the World Round Me Falls Apart I'm trying not to go Crazy Crazy Crazy Yo So Welcome 2 Tha Apocalypse An optimist I’m positive The death of the empire Will make space for new ways But You may say I am insane Yet since a juvenile I was raised in the wild In the eye of the tornado So that's where I like to play yo Chaos is my home Addicted to insanity I be the coyote the crow the raccoon I’m not leaving going extinct Anytime soon I’m speaking my secrets With the moon As the World, Round Me Falls Apart I'm trying not to go Crazy Crazy Crazy Yo As the World Round Me Falls Apart I'm trying not to go Crazy Crazy Crazy Yo So Welcome 2 Tha Apocalypse I apologize to all the kids Who sensitive and empathetic Sensing the direction This world is heading Yet it’s going to get worse Before in turn it gets better So try to keep ya head up It is hard for us lovers But the pain that does not break us Will make us tougher And since we have suffered We’re able to help others So I fight revolution Create evolution This is all I have Since I had my soul mate And twin flame both say Go run to the roar That is what I’m put here for So if I must live with this madness I will manifest it as a gift Since it also is a curse To be honest I idolize the martyr realize living is harder My body’s growing weaker But my spirits growing stronger I’m going for the conquer As try to keep my honor And I wonder how much longer I can stare into the face of the monster. I wonder how much longer I can stare Into the face of the monster Before it stares back!
Hey yo I got that soul Like you only can When you suffer When you been pushed under But you still come up a lover To discover the funk The stank then come to know From the compost Is how the flowers grow So I’m all about that g shit All about the grace And all about the grit Cuz y’all I feel good Though it’s never been easy No no no no it’s never been easy I grew up free lunch beat up often Surrounded by adults high on narcotics Cops and robbers My father was slaughtered I wasn’t raised by my mama Nah I was adopted And all I ever wanted was a little bit of love But I never was the chosen one Never had a trust fund I was raised with the warmth Of a frozen sun So now i never hold my tongue These are just some problems We all got some That we’ve got to overcome I’m getting attacked by these christians For living like jesus Preachers saying play it small Nah, answer your call This is for the freaks Outcast outlaws Underdogs reaching for the mountain tops This is for us… We gotta be who we wanna be Live how we wanna live Love who we wanna love Hey yo, lets get free We gotta be Because you never know Just when we gonna die And so today We gotta live our life Hey Yo I’ve been chased by cops for selling drugs face slammed on the sidewalk I’ve lived on the other side of the globe and gave a Ted Talk I’ve been homeless got high with kings and led angry mobs of protesters occupied shut down every bank in town and I wasn’t arrested I’ve broken up a bloody machete fight my life is crazy kind of like Tupac’s I’ve been around the block and I’ve seen some wild shit! Like at the Apocalypse I’ll be saying to all of y’all bring on some more zombies yet on a normal day I walk with a swag stoned in my pj’s Like y’all can’t judge me I named myself created my image than watch my world change as I lived it better than the one that I was given And If I can do it you can do it What else should we do but vibe to this music...
Yo fuck racism It’s a stupid division When the world that we live in Is now a global village If we want survivalism End this tribalism That is a prison of division a competition Of power rape and pillagin’ So the best use of privilege is To combat oppression So let us level out our positions Give lessons to the children Get in where we fit in And then change the system Cuz this isn’t the world That I want to live in For real then Cuz we can kill em all And build a wall But then I have to ask yall What type of world are we building One designed to fall See greed be the monster We can’t feed any longer When together we’re stronger So whether black white Red yellow beige or brown We came to get down Like a rainbow So oh don’t you know Our pot of gold Is this moment of harmony That we hold truth be told If you look within beneath the skin We’re basically the same Yet we play this game Of differences so Who's really down To change up the sound Spread the love around And break the walls down!
These are dark times That we are living in It’s a broken world And the question is How we gonna fix it When so many wanna talk But nobody wanna listen When we all think were right So we march like peacocks Around street blocks like Ka-Ka mutha fucka No more cookie cutter No more melting pot While those behind the dollar sign Design the structure Where everybody suffers Confused through the fake news Used to deceive you To some they say it’s red And to some they say it’s blue Then they watch us argue Over which color is true And whose had it worse Like it’s us vs. them When we should come together In the name of the earth With the time we have left I remember back when We was chanting wake up Now woke be the anthem The fascist are back and Stopping the nazi’s is the noble passion But let this tailor tell ya of the fashion y’all Let us not become what we oppose The same energy just wearing different clothes Activist attacking and I dig the passion But you gotta know the facts If you want to make an impact yeah You think you righteous You just misguided Online screaming While I’m fighting the lions in the arena Real talk I’m in the real world dog Don’t be a troll An impotent critic While I’m changing systems in the city that we live in When we learn to sit with our pain The world will change I’m trying to give y’all love Why ya wanna give hate Cuz it’s a sad thing If you got the change You’d still feel the same Because your not ready for change Just to feel your pain…
We Are a Generation who woke up one day then noticed everything was changing few things remaining the same, as if, nothing is as it was, now we're trying to adjust since that September 11th ride on the school bus when we witnessed the towers crash in the classroom who grew up in a war on terror amidst the normalization of fear and modern day witch hunts sensors and metal detectors at the airport gate military recruiters in the cafeteria the war state we are a generation who watched classmates shipped off to Afghanistan or Iraq with promises of college and come back from the war unsure of what they were even fighting for with PTSD and physical injuries galore We are a generation who graduated from college at the dawn of the great recession and couldn’t use our degrees to get employed We are a generation who watched the corporations destroy the ways of the old take control and now sell society mechanical souls and we had to work for them to pay rent Who grew up as America was awakening from the mythological american dream and nobody taught us how to cope as we swing by the end of the rope as we’ve had our hope betrayed We are a generation who came of age as that flag frayed and peaked through where the cameras of the surveillance state We watched the police beat our brown brothers to death or near it for little or no reason on our cell phones The police now look like the military and the phones now track us The phones break quick these days so we can buy another one in between the mountain top removal and the trash mountain build up Besides another model is coming up and you know you want to try it back from the advertisement We are a generation who grew up with tornado’s floods droughts fires tsunami’s hurricanes The open meadows we played in as children are now out of business strip malls The forests have been cut down and we’ve been given the death of democracy rebirth of fascism Donald Trump as president and Climate Change We are a generation who must make sense of this all As the headlines often read like the end times We are a generation who inherited this mess and now some us us have become parents and we look at our kids and wonder, and worry what is going to happen In the Next Generation… Everything Changed when the virus came And the lives were claimed And those that survived Were sent inside To hide from the unseen to wash hands clean Because the past is infected And the future is a question Meanwhile the plague kept spreading A globe at home The stores shut down The ghost of children now At the playground A town without sound The rent went unpaid As the old way Began to fade And they stopped the machines To wash hands clean Because the past is infected And the future is a question Time to play with your angels Time to make peace with your devils Time to worry because the time is blurry A time to heal And a time to kill A time to know Yo the status quo it has to go So they wash hands clean Because the past is infected And the future is a question Meanwhile, some of us We Brave the outside With masks on face Put our lives on the frontlines So that lives can be saved But I would lie If I said I wasn’t afraid To bring the sickness home And give it to my family So I wash hands clean Because the past is infected And the future is a question…
Sometimes I feel like it’s the end of the world But don’t you know the Apocalypse is just is when the veil gets lifted So the great shift is here that happens every few thousand years It can even be felt in the atmosphere so it’s easy to be fueled by fear when the old truths turn out to be lies when the meaning making structures Fall apart and rupture when you come to understand that the kingdoms of the land Are just castles made of sand and we’re drops in the sea You feel the tides of change They are rising in we so in this age that we all live in If you need a compass use your intuition to navigate through the nation Where the fires are a’ raging in the forest in the trees In the cities in the streets where employees sweep for needles On streets where people lay half asleep and half dead By the drunks who creep to the bars looking for the face of god In the bottom of the bottle go to church like a brothel go online and get hostile It’s all helter skelter you can follow all the rules Still wind up in a homeless shelter Because the big business got with the politicians Wrote all the rules in their interest So at our expense is how they get rich But baby hold on I know that it’s hard Keep that vision in your mind and that hope in your heart Can't you see this is all a house of cards And that their greeds causing it to fall apart So when Babylon Be Gone Zion will be ours! A whirlwind of transition until the world we live in Is the world of science fiction With the Crypto currency digital dollars Radioactive rainbows stem cells and cell phones Bionic limbs and genetically modified potatoes With the rise of the robots everybody living in Virtual reality as the internet Weaves her world wide web So society’s now a spider On social media Technology it is taking over Yet what it wants evolution began So hydrogen begat carbon began life humans than computers So maybe this is all evolution But still that don’t feel like a solution The past is in the present So what do we want to say about the future. So we in the final hours of the ancient sunlight Alive in these times that will try our souls As we wonder worry woe if we can float while the sea herself fashions her own boat I don’t know what this means for you and me in this moment but we gotta keep swimming in this ocean So I looked within that was my notion And were 80% water so it is not the Changes that we need to make But rather the changes that are made through we I navigate my space a captain of what I see Because in the great shift many get lost in the mist So I pray for those who won’t make it With the faith that this is still sacred Because it’s a brave new world For the boys and the girls and the non binary With the choice of who they want to marry I never thought I’d see legal weed in the dispensary So what I’m trying to say despite my fear in this age For every yin there's a yang so with a bigger yin compes a bigger yang What I’m really trying to say about this change is it’s not good not bad not white not black it’s both it ‘s neither, it’s gray Just like everybody is a little gay So the truth is scary but don’t be afraid no one will save you but it will be okay (repeated a bunch of times)
Can’t stop the ticking tocking So we rock it Got no options! The worlds psychotic neurotic toxic All is a product sold for profit And I want to stop it Never would have thought that It be from right here That I would start it But it’s only from here That I can start it In the land of the Godless Cops and monsters Gotta do your dirt than Don’t get caught cuz Black helicopters in the Sky Van’s swoop you up In the middle of the night Behind closed doors You get no rights So they call it a riot But it’s an uprising I said they call it a riot But it’s an uprising! We moving through our shit Moving through our shit Throwing elbows like we in the pit Giving that love given that love Doesn’t it suck To never feel like you are enough Say fuck that Kick it up like hacky sack With all these drugs in my backpack I’m dope as fuck y’all that’s a fact If the end of times is where we at Tell me how will you choose to react Will you try to live in science fiction Or will you paint it black Will you try to survive the aftermath On nature's path Or try to control the habitat Change is happening fast like avalanche Better have your maps like what! The momentum of opposing directions Is at an intersection And in a second With no second guessing We must chose our truth And if there’s one thing I know Our true face will be shone When we at the crossroads So which way will you go! Can’t stop that ticking tocking So we rock it Got no options!
I gotta change my story If it keeps me from glory I got too much to lose To be addicted to the bad news Which way to go I don’t know I’m so confused I thought I moved past My past issues I guess I just spiraled back Into a greater truth So reality’s my clue To heal my souls blues OCD ADD PTSD I got an alphabet soup I was given to consume But that’s no excuse To give out any abuse If I made poor choices can’t wallow in my gloom It is what it is I gotta do what I can do I’ll say I’m sorry to you Take 2 steps forward than 1 step backwards Towards my goals i move Into something new Slow it down breathe through the ground and chose Another destiny and Identity improved They say the only way out of hell Is to move through it So what else can we do then But dance to the music
Time is the divine currency And currently I’m trading long term health For short term Wealth Cuz honestly you probably Never met a mutha lova Who work as hard as me To realize the god in me I’m gardening my artistry You can not be stopping me This be the prophecy Watch and see See your life change for real Til the change feels so real You say it’s surreal The way it manifested After we made the investment Into our true essence Spent years on these lessons Not living right sipping wine Sniffing lines smoking blunts popping pills In the middle of the night Been a long time waiting But this ain’t no desperation Nah this is inspiration Spirit fuels me To my destination I know I got the patience You know I’m gonna make it In this second round blow up We glow love And so we stand right here Made it through the nightmares Now awake still dreaming We made it to Costa Rica For the pura vida See I used to sell drugs Now I sell music Laced with my love still getting y’all high It’s Plaedo from the bird tribe 3rd Eye Open Wide Feel the vibe Like your heartbeat inside Look at what this life do to you Make you forget This life can be beautiful We take it straight to the cuticles So you can scratch and sniff The realness now feel this Cuz at this point It’s all about the healing So peace to the broken hearted The start overs The dreamers still searching For their four leaf clover The survivors of the 9-5 Yes and all of the spirits around ya that guide us...
The pain that I’ve lived through Is the love that I give you I cry daily but don’t need no tissues Because I don’t cry tears from my eyes I cry tears from my heart As my eyes see this world I Love fall apart I put it back together Through making this art Because the old gods are dead And the people are searching For the new dream And the bombs have been dropped More times than I can count Still I’m here right now Like even if the world were to end tomorrow I’d Still plant a seed today Bring joy to the sorrow And I walk this beach And throw each Starfish that I can reach Back to the sea And I walk these streets And work with the kids At risk that I meet To complete the prophecy Because sometimes mistakes need to be made Sometimes resolution is an illusion Sometimes there are no solutions Except to accept the pollution make your contribution And call it evolution
I grew up in the woods, in the mountains with our wolves a hippy child free and wild it feels like another life so much has changed but anyways I'd explore the forest for feathers berries magic fairies feeling at peace as the breeze through the leaves of the trees waved high I said goodbye to the spirit of the forest I fell in love with the stranger and I moved to the city yet something was missing can we know who we are if we can't see the stars I tried to go back to that old town but the forest cut down the mills shut down it's a ghost town now so in search of the forest where more bliss is found y'all I want to be in a place surrounded by trees That grew eternally but yo I worry So from the train tracks of our past to traffic jams on trampled lands the city expands in urban madness Can’t stop what’s gonna happen And so today I'm going camping with my family relaxed and happy because it feels real good to be just with my kids playing in the woods…
Empires Die and Life Evolves So were here for the ride and we hear the call cuz the world wasn’t designed for our kind yo we never fit in those boxes or descriptions But yo we found each other and I’m grateful for that So Fuck The Empire and Fuck The Elites! We Gone Rise like yeast through the belly of the beast take to the streets or at least have each other to seek shelter from the storm cuz it’s cold outside and we all need warmth So when the towers fall we will be here to heal and rebuild we are made from the stars our life is precious yet they treat us like peasants I see your royalty and give you my loyalty livin in a system where some work for tips and some own the business and some hate each other because of skin color it’s just not fair if you try to change things if you live for a cause you will pay the cost because they will marginalize criticize minimize criminalize they will kill you call you crazy and make you pay while a warrior for freedom’s receiving no wage. Well my friend you paid it the price of righteousness now look at what you bought freedom something for the people to believe in so even when grieven were still going to raise a fist but yo were not afraid to let the tears slip In love and in rage we promise to persist through the fear and the pain the fog and the hate a terrible mix look at what it creates more of the same yet were working for a change so this I know only love breaks the chains but that’s easier said than done when you’ve been harrassed until you feel the need to carry a gun than that becomes the reason your killed anyway So I’ll say it again Fuck This Empire It’s scary how with the fear and the pain in one quick moment everything can change that you can be murdered your life can be taken away But it’s all for revolution right? Aint that what we say for people like us in this game that we play So in trust may you leave the shores of this reality and in love may you find your next destination on this cosmic journey So just know the garden will continue to grow and I love you yo
Blessed are the weak the poor and diseased the broken and homeless of which we speak blessed be the pain that leads to the escape we seek through others and lovers drugs and tv too tired to sleep too hungry to eat those who don’t get high no more but still smoke weed to try to cloud the memories and fear they repeat for when done with the running the god within we shall seek So it’s the fear it’s the pain that we must greet in order for the broken to be complete So one must become lost to become found one first must die to be reborn So cry cry until your tears run dry sit with your pain let it burn your image let it burn your name Give in to this flame let it burn you to nothing for to be nothing is the beginning of everything…
I just wanna live my best life I just wanna be my best me Don’t know why life Likes to test me I seek comfort though Not in control So I wish you could see The stretch marks on my soul From the rocks I’ve had to roll While polishing my stones Now all I know I am the flute Played through me be the tune So I like to let it blow When it’s time to grow Your never glow unless you go Into the unknown So here we go The motto I live by Evolve or die So I move on through detours and dead ends The darkness and the struggle Until we see the light at the end of the tunnel I transform am reborn As that rainbow from that storm I move forward I move toward I get lost I find my way Now once more I can feel it coming My stomach is rumbling With the hunger for something more Ya gotta believe me I know that growth aint always easy It’s painful it’s beautiful, It’s ugly As it must be And I know I seem crazy But y’all can trust me I’m just going through some things And making my change
Shimmy Shimmy Yo Shimmy Shimmy Ya I was at my meeting For sex addicts When I started scheming To get me some chicks Ever since my marriage ended Been living reckless so hectic DMT for Breakfast ODB be the Essence Texted my Ex said Lets get freaky with our fetishes So Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!! I say Yes when I should say no When I know better Yet I am a mad rapper Mad as a hatter Heading for an early death bed I don’t care no more It don’t matter Scanning my friends At 4 in the morning Horny for some sex Like maybe some lady Can save me because lately I’ve been making myself crazy…. So Why oh Why Am I such A Nympho God I gotta stop thinking With my dick yo (Repeated a bunch of times) Took me years To discover this truth You can change your lover But until you heal The pain that is under We’re just covering wounds Wondering what we should do When the honeymoon is through And we’re not each others glue when the truth gets told Few want to grow old Alone but yo The older we get The harder it is to commit Once disappointment Is expected And moments are dissected Inspected checking for clues Reasons 2 distance from you For sanity, safety and lady Baby you do it too Today I broke down and cried Realized where all toxic at times Wanting a love that’s divine Devoted to our own lives So we can’t find compromise We just pass Each other bye Cuz ever knots once tied In time come undone Cuz I would lie If I said me and the ex wife Don’t have problems in our lives Problems with the new loves Problems that rhyme So it doesn’t matter Who you are with When true love Is acceptance Then the question becomes When the depression comes How deep can we love And is love Even enough?
I never thought that we would break apart Just live together with our broken hearts Make it work and call it art For the family for the empire My desire to hold it together Help caused us to separate Never would have gotten married If I knew we’d go our separate ways Knowing what I know today Probably never would have taken that First date but anyways But then gone would be the family No more camping by the lake And I love that family It exist forever in the memories That we made but anyways Nowadays I just need To let these memories fade… The most important thing to me is my kids Without them I’d probably be Just another drug addict But this isn’t the life I wanted to give them Living in a state of constant transition From home to home I need to know There safe I try to stay with them Drop them off at their moms a couple hours After they are gone And I Already miss them Truth is I lost sight of my own vision Forgot who I am and how to play Nowadays I just want the people That I love to be okay… The chemistry between us Made us perfect lovers Until our traumas trip The triggers of each other And past heartbreak Makes our current love suffer I love her but yo I don’t really trust her She don’t really trust me either Were two wounded people Trying to love again and trying to trust again When alone we were awesome But together we became toxic With the break ups and make ups Month by month, but I know this much You are the one that I truly love To everyone that I’ve ever loved before I hope you know that my love is eternal It goes from a raging fire to a burning coal Sometimes I just gotta go yes sometimes I just gotta go I’ve been feeling out my soul Filling out my holes Til I be feeling whole yo Til I be feeling whole yo I think I need to go home Learn to love myself and be alone I think I need to go home Learn to love myself and be alone…
So at his house The kids couldn’t play Cuz the parents caught up In the stress and the drama So he learned to plant seeds In the cracks of his heart As he grew these fruits from his trauma Because all the vicious trouble Taught him to be a gardener Passed back to the forth And forth to the back Had to put in the work Just to get the harvest so Before it would get good It woulda get harder And so his sword was abandonment And solitude was his armor As he had to learn To be an alpha Without the guidance Of his father And so he was like a child When he met her Treated her Like the mother That he never had in his life And for a time She became his wife But neither role Where for her soul And like before He had no control He was stuck way down Down in a hole For him to level up He had to let her go
So I had my breakdown And Now is the rebuild And I still feel afraid At my age To turn the page I was drunk on pain Crazy and insane But now I’m getting sober Don’t really know what’s On the road before me Just know I need to let go Of that old story No more late nights In heartache and shame to lay awake And think about mistakes I made that I cannot change Still if I could Go back to yesterday I know I would Before communication Got misunderstood Til I peered through the rearview And in the echoes of my conscious Yo I finally hear you So I wonder if you hear me Say I’m sorry and I forgive you Cuz I still love you So I say Thank You Thought you’d be my wife But you taught me about myself As a consolation prize Now I got so much love That I got to give Time to ask myself What type of life do I Want to live Yo that is a lesson And a lesson is a blessing So I can get it right The next time be the message So no more stressing over Questions of direction Cuzzzz I will live my answers When I live my life authentic… I finally see it clear I can look in the mirror Realize I deserve Some of that love I like to give others See my heart was sacrificed 2 the martyr archetype On a narcissistic ride That left me high and dry Empty and low My heart so sore But when the time comes To fall back in love I’ma do it like I never been hurt before Yo I’m like a puppy dog I am fun and I’m cute Still might chew through your slippers So please forgive me I’m not a perfect man But I’m doing the best That I can And if you give me enough tries In time I will understand.
Now what you telling me That you don’t matter When you are matter You are stardust gathered In immaculate patterns So the magic you have it In your childlike eyes Let em shine and join the dance Honor the prayers of your ancestors answered Cuz I believe in you 2 make it beautiful I see it true in you But is a mirage If you don’t see it too So don’t self sabotage Self hate isolate We all make mistakes So own your shame Make that change Then release your pain Cuz life is a game Play it for the fun of it Play it for the love of it Til we taken away On the mother ship So in the meantime Relax your mind Unwind be free We put in a lot of work Just to get here So cheers for that progress Know we aint stoppin We treat each other tender When we lose our temper Remember we can’t dance for another Make them change or walk their path Only offer our hand and words of advice Learned from our life So i’ll tell you again I believe in you friend 2 dance and romance Enchant the path Of your circumstance Cuz I see no logic or reason In us competing or beefin Just believe in me and i’ll believe in you And together were surprise ourselves With all that we do
Feeling good in the hood With my lady yeah she crazy I am too So life is never boring There’s always something For us to be exploring And I’m feeling euphoric Just to be by her side Cuz I laugh when I should cry Thrive in the hard times I don’t need much Just a little bit of love Some coffee some bud And a beat to rap too Let’s unite with the mushrooms Live life like a cartoon Yep I’m an adult And I got kids too And I love to watch them grow Discover their soul so Life is so hectic but check it We gone live our best life like... Last year I got divorced It broke my heart I cried leaving my garden my home And everything I owned So we bonded over pain But yo we ain’t staying there Nah gotta keep it moving Grooving to the now No longer responding To future fears Or past traumas We are moving passed drama Like haha yeah yeah You can check it I like my new life better It’s more authentic The worlds in a crises Infected by the virus And ran by tyrants The systems crumbling With so many struggling It’s time to give back Yeah I understand that Everyday I run around town In love with the sound Of the playground but now I need to slow it down Ease up the stress Take a deep breathe Release all the grief That I’ve seen So I can be empty ready for the new dream And now in between Let us be Not bitter for what’s been taken away But rather grateful for the beauty that remains
I feel good Like I’m falling in love Hanging with my son Riding skateboard To the basketball court Gotta little cash in my pocket The beat is rocking And when I apply the optics To my life I got options Came a long way From living in the trailer park Getting robbed Running from the law Searching for jobs Spent years on depression Now I master my fear Stay true to my essence The city is my playground Respected by all now From gangsters to the mayor I’m on my grown man shit Handling my taxes No more moving backwards I’m living my passion To the maximum going savage Cuz I done lost it all Except what matters And it ain’t about status But if it was I’d be the baddest Cuz I failed more times Then you fools even tried And I still find success And I feel like sex Been tested by tragedy Found my inner strength And met my soul family I’ve suffered too many catastrophes Not to be happy With who I am A flawed human Doing the best that they can And I’m still improving I’ve saved lives Watch people die And sometimes I just want to die Realize y’all going to love me more After I’m gone But until that time I’m gone shine!
Life is too amazing For me to ever waste it So I’m staying activated In the name of creation Juicy Fruit Tasting Forever Dream Chasing Say I may flirt with death But I make love to live Make love to her right In touch with the vibe So I go all night Til the morning birds sing And get you so high Might as well grow wings I used to be a kid yo My feet in the dirt Now I’m big bro Plaedo Hanging with the grown folk And tonight we gone Gather round the fire Dance on the grave Of the burning empire And sweat our prayers Like Awwwww Yeah!
If Life is a hustle Then this is what our love do it moves through the struggle to find its way through so if we can’t leap over them hurdle poles we treat em like a limbo yo everything is changing for some it drives them crazy I think it is amazing This all started with a dream Now I’m in Love with the future that I’m growing in the moment flowing in the wisdom of the rhythm in this infinite minute yeah this is how we living it our life is on exhibit for your entertainment for your education for your motivation for your transformation we spreading love vibrations all across the nation so if your grateful then give us a little payment we removing obstacles like we was Ganesh Yes you got to know we make the impossible seem possible probable and logical because that’s just how we flow...
It’s Tha A - U - T - H - E - N To the T - I, C - I T - Y See Why I’m Fly 2 Live 2 Die, 2 Day I say we gotta find a way To love and celebrate (Hey) We came from the section 8 Where they gave us lemons And we made lemonade To slang at Heaven’s Gates 4 the love of the Hustle like Ooh - Ooh - Aah - Aah - Ee - Ee We be from the jungle trash pandas With that checkered past Getting ass smoking grass Took a nap and still I pass Now I get the cash just to give it back Haha had to laugh At the haters Even when I st-st-stutter I’m still a bad mutha la-la-la-lover So I ride through my city And I see my fingerprint I ride through my city You see we be lit I ride through my city With these gods and goddesses So I ride through my city On that boss shit...
We need a celebration For our liberation… time to awaken the sacred No more waiting lives we’re saving By breaking out the matrix Through imagination inspiration Innovation in this nation Peep my proclamation We cannot survive on the 9 to 5 When miss raising our kids And robbed of our drive So we don’t wanna survive no More now we wanna thrive cuz This paid in the first Broke by the third shit You know it is absurd We rise above it like the birds Going garbage to glory We’re writing a new story And the more we believe The more it comes true So this a celebration for our liberation I wouldn’t wanna be alive At any other time To redesign and realign With the stars with our heart Yo I know that it’s hard To make this transition so We go left step right step One step at a time Is how we climb To the top of the mountain Yo I know it’s hard to keep on climbing But we gotta keep on climbing That sun up there is shining We gotta keep on climbing Until we see the view Peer clearly through the truth That is what we gonna do Tell the oppressor man no more We will pray for his soul As we take back control Peacefully either that or either we Be bringing back the guillotines To these gully streets We tried to come in peace Was tear gassed shot by rubber bullets In the kidneys We all lost our jobs In this quarantine So we might as well reclaim the streets Cuz we need some relief Our hearts are filled with grief From watching family Be murdered by police And I got no hope For no change Coming from a vote When told then back to go Punching the clock Like punchline to a joke You have to know The status quo It has to go Yo the system won’t save us It was written to enslave us Tax dollars as payments To the state of surveillance So the only solution Now is a revolution But I don’t wanna be a part Of your movement If I can’t dance To the music So this a celebration For our liberation (repeated a bunch of times)
With a Big Bang Explosion The Word Love Was Spoken As a verb that birthed the universe begat the earths and the oceans Now from the water and the dirt emerged the human so here I stand with mud on my hands holding bacterial battles molecular make outs because under the naked moon my mushroom blooms like tonights archetype is hermes from mercury I’m sure you’ve heard of me Because I prefer absurdity on the principle of uncertainty so certainly I think I am badder than most of those radio rappers but personally I think that type of shit doesn’t even matter because I play my heart like a harp and the strings sing clearly a theory that blows smoke rings around Saturn so yep these are mathematical patterns word to Pythagorus from cave walls to space walks cradles to caskets students become masters We author these chapters As Kings and Queen’s Reincarnated to speak these truths so ancient in a process of progress that remains sacred though it often feels like were just put here as Sisyphus to push stones up hills go to work go to school pay dues pay bills still all of times polishing reveals The crystals to be clear that we are put here for our love to beat our fear and to peer into the universe as it is our mirror until all the riddles have been solved we’re put here to evolve... I am Nameless not Famous To the Empire I am no one Yet I am one with the one energy enters me with the sun I Manifest like Chloroplasm The Way I move my Masses I am the glasses that you see the truth through And I am You Too Who knew the voodoo is I am ego eating fish becoming egoless doing backflips through the double helix of our DNA like Thoth Hermes Trismegistus Slippin 10,000 visions into your inner picture Sippin on that crazy wisdom a magician with the system So y’all better listen I dream universes with blinks of my eyelids Time is just a pattern on my Iris So I’ve seen it all before and I’ll be here again to battle the shadows turn monsters to friends I am the serpent the mycelium beneath the surface A spiritual gangster like Jesus Christ Merry Prankster Overturning tables on the bankers and the money changers Beyond good and evil I’m both God and Devil So I am not afraid of your fear or your pain, your greed or your hate Your Devils your NSA that big brother the man that incestral mother fucka whose also our uncle sam With this knowledge of who I am You Cannot Kill Me For The End Is The Beginning of My Circle So I remain Eternally Fertile Through The Cycles of Circles That I Spiral Through I’m Just reborn remade and renewed...
So here’s what we gone do we gone make our dreams come true after 13 years I’m sorry boo they couldn’t be with you I guess you needed someone new and when I reflect I guess that I did too so the relationship changed but the love remains and it’s so strange the other night I scrolled through my timeline and felt that I lived a few lifetimes yo there's been so many faces in so many places and we’ve all had our reasons for how we’ve moved through our seasons so I have love and no anger for all the friends and neighbors who’ve know become strangers The moon has its phases we’re all vibrations in states of transformation so with seeds in one hand and a gun in the other we find each other in back alleys and the streets to laugh and to grieve through the pain and the glory of all the side stories So I have dope friends we do dope things we laugh we play we work for change we get drunk on the weekend and hold each other up yo we’re family related by blood nah It’s a spiritual bond that is felt in the soul as we melt in the flow and trade yesterdays for tomorrows yo I used to be scared of my death now I accept it as another step in my soul's quest for perfection so let's lose our mind and find a good time we gone dance in the rain until the sun shines and I know so often we feel lost and alone so we find each other and we find a way through the unknown to where wisdom is shone together we go on our walk home…


Empires Die . . . Life Evolves is a project that both reflects and explores change: personal, social, political, and artistic change.

The project’s beginnings manifested during a night of personal terror. Awakened by violent, unexpected nerve pain gripping my entire body, I dealt with the pain as best I could. I took my mind to another place, a place familiar but new in this darkness, this pain: a place of creativity, filled with thoughts of death and art and their combustible intertwining. This experience—this night—became the inspiration behind the first song I wrote for the album and initiated the project as a whole.

The backstory is worth telling . . .

That night punctuated the end of an intense emotional week.

Creatively I had reached a place of satisfaction and accomplishment; I had released an album as part of the super group: The 3rd Eye. But that creative happiness was tempered by the death of “my white rapper soul mate,” Mac Miller, an important and influencing creative voice in my musical psyche as well as the larger musical world.

At work, I had encountered street violence first hand, breaking up a bloody machete fight in Eugene, Oregon. Walking around a street corner I saw one homeless guy attacking another with a machete. Both were bleeding. I ran up and held out my badge. (That badge gets me into the gym; other than that, it’s worthless.) With uncommon authority I yelled: “drop the machete”! Somehow that worked and I was able to remove the machete from the man wielding it. Blood was everywhere. My coworker, who had been walking with me, took the next few days off. I retreated into my music, prepping for the 3rd Eye album release show.

These incidents cracked the status quo of my reality, breaking open the dams of stagnation in my life, cutting a path of change, marking the beginning of an epic, painful, magical and ultimately transformative, two and a half year journey from which Empires Die . . . Life Evolves has emerged.

Professionally I was an outreach worker, an advocate for street youth in Eugene. It was a job where intense experiences were more the norm than the exception. I held a teenager—overdosing—nearly unconscious, frothing at the mouth, waiting for an ambulance to arrive. I was present when another teenager—drunk and triggered by circumstance—ran away from our team moments before becoming involved in an event that led to him being tried for murder; I had to testify at the trial. I witnessed police verbally and physically accosting yet another teenager, challenged their actions, futilely pleaded with them to stop; ignored, I yelled at the gathering crowd: “Film! Film the police”! For that moment of standing up for justice, I was suspended from my job without pay.

There would be more pain, more loss.

My job and the program I had helped the city develop—not unlike many positions and programs that serve the marginalized and most vulnerable of our populations—abruptly lost funding. I fought the decision, challenging top local government officials and got myself suspended. Again.

Although the program ended it had brought me together with Charlie Landeros, a kindred spirit, also committed to creating positive social change.

Charlie and I launched a community garden to empower people dealing with persistent food insecurity. We began working together creatively, writing and recording a song called, “Tha Price of Righteousness.” Charlie was murdered by the police in circumstances that remain unclear and unresolved. I was devastated and, once again, in the eye of a tornado of controversy.

Financially broke and heartbroken by Charlie’s death, I accepted a job managing a camp for the unhoused. Days before I started this new, intense job, my wife of 13 years told me she wanted a divorce. I had grown up in a broken family and dreamt of creating a stable, lasting nuclear family for my two kids. It was a dream I had to let go of as the divorce process unfolded and my beautiful family was torn apart. I moved out two weeks before Covid hit.

I became so depressed and stressed, I was unable to eat or sleep. I lost 21 pounds. (My healthy weight is about 130 pounds so I didn’t have a lot of room for that kind of loss.)

I even faced the uniquely modern fiasco of a technology dependent creative: my hard drive died, causing me to lose 7-8 songs specifically created for Empires Die . . . Life Evolves.

I was mentally and physically destroyed. Artistically empty.

At rock bottom, I learned how to sit with my pain and emerge from it. I started to crawl back toward life. I began eating healthy foods and working out. I consumed lots of psychedelic mushrooms.

I started hitting the studio with as many artists as I could: artists from different walks of life, artists from different countries, cultures, races, religions, and ages, artists from different musical backgrounds.

Through this process, I learned to be vulnerable, to ask friends for help, to be receptive to the change that was inevitable and ultimately, to become stronger and more resilient. I transformed, becoming a more mature, self-assured soul and a better musician.

At one point, I was given a free trip to Costa Rica to study, network, and collaborate with world-class musicians at the Solar Sound Immersion Retreat.

This period was characterized by an explosive surge of creativity. While 22 songs made the final album, over 50 songs were recorded in this surreal period of life.

Of course, this period of personal transformation is set upon the backdrop of equally profound—and necessary—social and political change. Many songs on Empires Die . . . Life Evolves reflect issues we are grappling with as national and global societies: the virus, quarantine, economic uncertainty, police brutality, systemic racism, social inequality, environmental destruction—issues that define our collective experience and demand our collective engagement.

Combined, the songs that make up the album, Empires Die . . . Life Evolves, simultaneously proposes and composes an exploration of transformation asking: “How does one navigate these extraordinary times of turmoil and uncertainty to survive and maybe even thrive? How does one become resilient? How does one evolve?”

Because of the enormity of the quest reflected in these questions, I sought out and brought together a diverse group united by passion and purpose, creating a community of over 60 musicians to make this album, and over 20 artists, videographers, fashion designers, producers, and promoters to contribute to this larger artistic meditation. What has emerged is both a personal and communal testament to the possibilities of change.

While rooted in hip hop, these songs are a multi-genre musical mosaic capturing a kaleidoscope of emotions telling the story of learning how to die and how to live, how to fall out of love and in love again, how to re-imagine family and family life, how to make, connect with, and remember friends, how to be in community and conflict, how to embrace revolution and evolution.

Welcome to the journey . . .



released October 18, 2021

Album Artwork by: Digital Nomad
Album Booklet by: Cat Frink
Final Album Mastering by: Brodon Creative Media
Special Artistic Muse & Quality Control Inspector: Jessica Haeckel
Promotional manager: Treylon Day @ Day In The Life Entertainment
Executive Produced by: Maxwell Davis & Plaedo


all rights reserved



Plaedo Eugene, Oregon

Plaedo is a story telling hip hop philosopher of play. Plaedo is a true M.C.- A Master of Ceremonies who Moves Communities with a Message to Communicate. Plaedo can Plaedo has been spotted at poetry slams, coffee shops, festivals, schools, protests and street corners performing, spreading peace, love, joy, and wisdom with his brand of performance art he has labeled "Tribal Hop Raptivism" ... more

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